Alone, Together. A participatory music performance with The Other Instrument.

4 - 6pm, Sunday April 30

Suggested donation $20

The Other Instrument is a new interdisciplinary art group who explore non-traditional expressions of music, language and performance. As founding member Asher Ross states, "'The other instrument' can be a trumpet, a voice, a synthesizer, a pen, a videocamera, a stage, a garden, anything that is unfamiliar enough that it restores the artist's primary sense of wonder and fresh apprehension of emotion." Partly inspired by the sparse ghost tones and exploratory, contemplative silences of the Wandelweiser collective (a network of experimental musicians who take their cues, in turn, from the work of John Cage), The Other Instrument draws upon Buddhist and Taoist principles as a means of inquiry into relationships, communication, and the wisdom of listening.

Through an afternoon of live experimental music, participatory performance and open discussion, Alone, Together will explore the realm of relationships and communication, time and memory, the nuances of silence, and the recognition of our fundamental 'non-separateness', our common humanity. Conceptual pieces will be presented side by side with an ancient Chinese guqin (古琴) composition paraphrasing a Tang Dynasty poem by the Buddhist poet Wang Wei (王维), and a traditional Japanese Gagaku shō (笙) composition. The program will also feature compositions by George Brecht, Antoine Beuger (founder of the Wandelweiser) and Bin Li (composer and conceptual artist). Participatory performances will involve chanting, listening and creating sound through objects. To attend, please RSVP below.

The Other Instrument:

Bin Li is a composer, guqin player and conceptual artist. He is the founder of The Other Instrument, an art organization that explores diverse cross-platform approaches to sound, image, text and performance. Bin received his degrees from Indiana University.

Chatori Shimizu is a composer, sho player, and a sound artist. His orchestral works and noise installations obsessively repeat a sound pattern, where the slightest adjustment in the detail or a sudden silence can act as an accent. His works are performed and exhibited throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe. Shimizu received his MFA in Sound Arts from Columbia University.

Asher Ross is a poet and journalist. Following ten years at the New York Times, he now covers arts and culture for various publications, including Kinfolk magazine. He studied English literature at Bard College.

Guillaume Hugot is a French software engineer working in New York City.

*Photo Credit: Wandelweiser music stands in front of Wendy Hough Wall Drawing - photo by Spiral Cage.


Inner Fields is located in a private studio in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. RSVP below to receive the address.

Space is very limited so cancellations must be made before 4pm on Saturday April 29 in order to allow someone else to take your place. Thank you for this important consideration.

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