Inner Fields is an art project that you cannot buy and cannot keep. It’s about creating artistic experiences which cultivate stillness and presence of mind, and which celebrate the transitory and momentary nature of all phenomena.

Once a week I open my apartment to the community and host 'get-togethers' which explore themes of consciousness, impermanence and our inseparable, ecological relationship to the natural universe. Sessions include immersive art, music and sound experiences and usually involve meditation and discussion. Gatherings are intimate and small and cell phone-free, and none of the sessions are photographed or documented. Through each session, Inner Fields aims to hold space for contemplative insights through true community connection and direct experience, and hopes to provide a counterpoint to the hyperactivity and materialistic economies of New York life.

To be invited to upcoming sessions, join our Mailing List... You can also read our blog Fieldwork... Or join the group on Facebook.

Inner Fields privileges diversity and cultural inclusion at all gatherings and considers people from all orientations and backgrounds to be part of its community. Most sessions are offered on a donation or sliding scale basis. RSVPs are essential to receive the address. This project is entirely funded on a gift economy and its continued existence in a place like New York is a testament to the generosity of its community. Please Donate Here to keep this vision going. Thank you so much.

With warmth,

Elaine Su-Hui

Artist and Founder


Recent press:

New York Times: 'A Nature-Inspired Drawing Event - with a Dance Twist' by Ashley Hoffman, Feb. 8, 2016

Sanctus, Form and Light: ‘A Hole to See the Sky Through’ with Sarah Hedden and Elaine Su-Hui, October 22, 2015