Inner Fields is a roaming, community events project which occurs in various unique sites across the United States. These gatherings seek to emphasize our inseparable, ecological relationship to each other and our environment through art, music, meditation and discussion. All are welcome regardless of faith, orientation, background or experience. Curated and hosted by artist Elaine Su-Hui, these events are created in collaboration with a diversity of renowned artists, musicians, writers and teachers. For email invitations to upcoming gatherings, simply add your name to our Community

The Inner Fields Studio is the physical workplace and ‘traveling hut’ of artist Elaine Su-Hui, whose prints and drawings reflect the consciousness and philosophy of Inner Fields. The primary focus of her work is to nurture each viewer's innate, natural wisdom and offer a reminder of our interdependence with the planet. Please visit the Studio for more information.

Our Mission. Inner Fields aims to nurture deep ecological consciousness through true community connection, and provide an artistic counterpoint to the hyperactivity and materialism prevalent in contemporary culture. The Inner Fields Community is based in wisdom, kindness, generosity and compassion. All are welcome.

Featured Press: New York Times T Magazine: 'A Nature-Inspired Drawing Event - with a Dance Twist' by Ashley Hoffman, Feb. 8, 20