photo by Jan Inge Helga

May 10 - June 8, 2019

True Nature

A Still Life & Death Drawing Meditation

in collaboration with Stilken Og Strom and curated by Heather Jones



TRUE NATURE is a month-long installation with a series of community events exploring the true nature of all phenomena: that which is always changing, impermanent and ‘empty’ of a separate self.

Featuring an elaborate arrangement of flowers created by local floral designer Stilken Og Strom, guests will be encouraged to visit the installation on multiple occasions to deeply observe and draw the plants as they actively change and decay. Artist Elaine Su-Hui will host a series of 4 guided drawing sessions during the opening week of the project. These drawing meditations will be less about artistry and more about the contemplative process of observing our experience of change, moment by moment.

Flanking the space are two large watercolors painted with natural earth and plant pigments. Titled Vitakka and Vicara, these mandala-like compasses will direct our awareness to the Earth herself, and the receptive quality of mind required when bearing witness to change.

photo by Jan Inge Helga
photo by Jan Inge Helga