Art & Consciousness Workshops

Inner Fields is now offering private art workshops for both kids and adults which explore consciousness and ecology through process, collaboration, experimentation and play. All workshops are taught by Elaine Su-Hui and take place in the Inner Fields studio in Prospect Heights (Vanderbilt & Dean St). From beginners and non-artists to professionals with already developed art practices, each class is tailored to meet each individual's creative needs.

Elaine Su-Hui has worked as the Senior Printer for the artist SWOON for the past 7 years. She teaches printmaking as an extension of drawing and incorporates a unique, contemplative approach, recognizing how the creative process can cultivate awareness in other areas of our lives.


*Banner photo by Amy Lombard for T Magazine from 'In The Seed We Have the Universe', 2016.

Printmaking for Kids!

'A River' by Marc Martin

'A River' by Marc Martin

Down by the River: Collaboration, Ecology and Nature. 

2.5 hour private workshop. Book a session for your child and their friends!

$75 - $90 (sliding scale price per child). Materials included.

Ages 4-8.

This art workshop will explore our ecological connection to our environment and each other through storytelling, experimental printmaking, large-scale collaborative art, and mindfulness games.

Starting with a story about the journey of a river as it winds through all different landscapes, we will use experimental printmaking techniques to create one enormous river landscape of our own. This fun, contemplative workshop will draw together themes of interdependence, ecology and appreciation for nature, especially designed for kids living in New York City! Each child will have the chance to take home one segment of the landscape.

This workshop accepts a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 kids.

To book a session, fill out the form below with your requested date and time. You will receive an email reply within 24 hours of your request. 

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Printmaking Without a Press!

Photo and Artwork by Ashley Seil Smith

Photo and Artwork by Ashley Seil Smith

Simplicity and Craftsmanship: Printmaking By Hand.

5 weekly sessions, 2.5 h per session. Book your preferred days and times! (Flexible schedule available.)

$295 per person. Fee includes art materials. Tools are available to borrow.

The creative process can teach you so much about how you approach life. A lot of it is about letting go, experimenting, being open and present, while learning how to be discerning and yet uncritical of oneself. The process of making block prints particularly reflects these values, as each step takes you somewhere new. And the joy of making things from hand provides an essential, restorative break from our technology-oriented world.

Learn the process of translating your ideas into block prints, including drawing and carving a linoleum block, basic methods for registering multiple colors, experimenting with mark-making, and the simplicity and elegance of printing by hand - all from a contemplative approach. No previous art experience or drawing ability required! Beginners and non-artists are strongly encouraged to join!

This workshop requires a minimum of 2 students. You are welcome to book with a friend, or request to be paired up with another student.

To book a session, fill out the form below with your preferred days and times. You will receive an email reply within 24 hours of your request. 

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The 5 sessions will occur consecutively once a week, however there is flexibility for change should you need it.