Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Destiny: The Heroine's Journey with Dr Grace Hogstad

7.30pm, Wednesday December 30

Suggested donation $15/ $20 (All proceeds will go towards keeping Inner Fields open in the new year.)

“Destiny is ultimately about becoming whole - a full human being. Not just a physical being in this phenomenal world, but an inner being as well. One’s search for this wholeness is the hero or heroine’s journey, and the wholeness achieved is one’s destiny.” 

Dr Grace Hogstad from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California will be coming to Inner Fields next week to give a unique presentation about the idea of destiny as seen through the life and work of psychologist Carl Jung and mythologist Joseph Campbell. Using both the theoretical approach of Depth Psychology and elements of memoir from her childhood growing up in poverty in the Philippines, Dr Grace Hogstad will offer a feminist lens to the archetypal paradigm of the hero or heroine’s journey, which ultimately is one about the search for self-realization. 

By exploring the feminine in classical myths across various cultures, in particular showcasing the myth of Inanna, the oldest myth on record, Dr Grace Hogstad will highlight the universal motifs present in the heroine’s journey which expand the theories of Jung and Campbell, challenging the limited idea of the woman’s role as one of nurturer, supporter or temptress to a male hero, as opposed to a central figure with her own quest. Through this evidence Grace demonstrates the heroine’s journey as one just as ancient, universal and significant as that of the hero. 

Tea, wine and refreshments will be provided!

*Image: Sumerian relief carving of Inanna