Universal Law

Universal Law (deleted 129620bc80d4ad6d12acfb9bcc4351b5).jpg
Universal Law (deleted 129620bc80d4ad6d12acfb9bcc4351b5).jpg

Universal Law


We perceive things as solid and definitive when actually all phenomena is in a constant state of process, with no real beginning or ending. I called this etching Universal Law, as a reminder of this fundamental truth.

Etching with chine collé printed on Hahnemuhle with Kozo rice paper.

31 x 21 inches.

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From the series AMULET, by Elaine Su-Hui. 2008.

This suite of etchings was created during a scholarship at the Australian Print Workshop. 

Based on protective objects used to ward off evil, grant wishes and to guide mortals into the spirit world, these pieces invoke the beauty and struggle of intense transformation and the celebration of life and death. 


Elaine Su-Hui uses drawing, printmaking, photography and installation to explore the connection between the physical world and the transcendental. Looking for aspects of natural phenomena which are both intelligent and mysterious, she references medicine, ritual and place to describe the enigmatic and the ephemeral in the everyday human landscape, encouraging an awareness of both spirit and matter, and a reverence for the unknown. Born and raised in Australia, she is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.