How To Enter A Dream


How To Enter A Dream


This piece features medicinal plants which help you remember and interpret your dreams, or for people who don't ever dream. They are: Queen of the night flower, wild indigo, and artist's conk mushroom. This image actually came to me in the middle of the night when I was half asleep. I got out of bed and immediately drew it and it became this piece. 

Linoleum block print with hand coloring (ink and watercolor).

30 x 22 inches.

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How To Enter a Dream, 2015

This piece explores the psychic qualities of 'spirit plants' known to help people who don't dream, or those who want to interpret their dreams. Focusing specifically on Artist's Conk mushroom, Wild Indigo and Queen of the Night flower, these plants have varied medicinal uses across different cultures, but it is their 'energetic' and psychological qualities that are drawn upon for this piece.


Elaine Su-Hui uses drawing, printmaking, photography and installation to explore the connection between the physical world and the transcendental. Looking for aspects of natural phenomena which are both intelligent and mysterious, she references medicine, ritual and place to describe the enigmatic and the ephemeral in the everyday human landscape, encouraging an awareness of both spirit and matter, and a reverence for the unknown. Born and raised in Australia, she is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.