Studies in Momentary Impermanence: A still life and death drawing experience with Elaine Su-Hui

7.30pm, Wed Mar 23, Fri Mar 25 and 4pm, Sun Mar 27

$25 for 3 days or $20 per day (Sliding scale rate: $15 per day. Upon request only.)

This series of meditative drawing sessions will occur on 3 separate days, based around an arrangement of living plants and flowers which will gradually decay throughout the week. Through the meditative act of intently observing, and the slow and exploratory act of drawing, Studies in Momentary Impermanence encourages participants to witness and engage with the poignant process of death and decay, while finding beauty in the fleeting and momentary nature of all life. 

Participants are strongly encouraged to commit to the 3 separate drawing sessions in order for the ephemeral basis of this project to be realized, but options for attending a single session are also available. Inexperienced drawers and non-artists are encouraged to attend. This project is not about drawing ability or producing a finished artwork, it is about using the process of drawing to support an acute awareness of the physical reality of change and impermanence. The meditative process of holding stillness and offering observational attention will be emphasized over the final content on your paper.

Basic drawing materials and art paper will be provided but feel free to bring your own sketchbooks and preferred supplies. Tea will also be served. Each session will begin with a 20 minute meditation which will involve a silent 'blind contour' drawing exercise.

*Photo credit: 'Wilted Rose' by Paul Bourbousson

Inner Fields is located in a private studio in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Space is very  limited. RSVP below to receive the address. There is often a waiting list so if you find you need to cancel, please notify Elaine Su-Hui at to offer your place to another participant. Thank you for your consideration.