How To Enter A Dream

How To Enter A Dream


Hand painted linoleum block print

Unique state (1/1)

22 x 30 inches

A cluster of medicinal dreaming plants for people who want to remember and interpret their dreams, or for people who think they don’t dream at all. Featuring queen of the night flower, artists conk mushroom and wild indigo, these plants remind us of the energetic, subtle body and the mysterious depths of the intuitive, creative mind.

“In the dream, the psyche speaks in images, and gives expression to instincts, which derive from the most primitive levels of nature. Therefore, through the assimilation of unconscious contents, the momentary life of consciousness can once more be brought into harmony with the law of nature from which it all too easily departs, and the patient can be led back to the natural law of (their) own being.” - Carl Jung

See also, Bai Shao Yao (White Peony Medicine) for more dreaming plant wisdom.

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