Herbarium for Dark Sleep

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Herb for Dark Sleep Inner Fields website.JPG

Herbarium for Dark Sleep



Linoleum block print, hand colored with ink and salt on Stonehenge paper.

43 x 29.5 inches

Unique State (1/1)

Shipping is not included. All items ship from Brooklyn, NY.

All pieces are original, limited edition fine art prints by Elaine Su-Hui and all sales will go directly towards running the Inner Fields studio. Thank you for your support.

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Herbarium for Dark Sleep, 2014

This piece explores the psychic quality of medicinal plants considered to cure nightmares and night terrors. Focusing specifically on Red Root, Anemone Pulsatilla and Skullcap, these plants have varied uses in both Eastern and Western medicine, but it is their 'energetic' and psychological qualities that inspire this piece. Using silhouette, pattern, transparent ink and layered printed imagery, this artwork aims to capture the enigmatic potency and ability of these herbs to affect the subconscious mind.


Elaine Su-Hui uses drawing, printmaking, photography and installation to explore the connection between the physical world and the transcendental. Looking for aspects of natural phenomena which are both intelligent and mysterious, she references medicine, ritual and place to describe the enigmatic and the ephemeral in the everyday human landscape, encouraging an awareness of both spirit and matter, and a reverence for the unknown. Born and raised in Australia, she is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.