Sabi: Objects of Decay and Imperfection, with aesthete, Ché F.M.

5 - 7pm, Sunday November 13

$12 suggested donation

The Japanese philosophy and aesthetics of wabi-sabi honors the beauty and humility in objects through visual signs of transience, imperfection and decay. This value system connects the life of objects to the essence of the universe, and recognizes the truth of impermanence as a profound natural process to be revered as both poetic and sublime.

Through an installation of curated found objects and incorporating readings from the renowned essay 'In Praise of Shadows' by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, aesthete Ché F.M. will be offering a unique meditation through the visual, tactile and sensory world of objects. Guided periods of silent drawing and journaling, alongside embodied mudra meditation practices and intimate discussion, this exploration of aesthetics aims to heighten our senses, enabling us to recognize simplicity, beauty and universal truth in the material world we inhabit everyday.

ché f.m. is an aesthete who explores the pleasure of the senses through presence, mindfulness and meditation, and has been a meditation practitioner for seven years. ché studies and practices the laws and principles of the universe: law of attraction, mentalism, the power of emotions, etc, and offers spiritual guidance to individuals looking to practice meditation and engage stillness, using the power of the mind and emotions to delve into and clear the subconscious.

*Image: Wabi Sabi vessels by Stone, Bone, Wood, Cloth.