Renunciation Meal: Reflections, rituals and practices around food, desire, greed and happiness. An inquiry and discussion.

7 - 8.30pm, Tuesday July 19

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Rather than gather for an evening meal, this intimate evening invites you to gather for an informal discussion around self-created rituals, contemplative practices and personal acts of spiritual and symbolic renunciation in daily life. Drawing upon the Buddhist practice of fasting after 12pm on the full or new moon of each month, this will be the first in a series of gatherings exploring how the practice of relinquishing a socially significant meal such as dinner, can provide a rich experience for reflection into habitual mind states of acquisition and desire. The persistent and endlessly unfulfilling experience of wanting, craving and longing is not something to be judged or condemned, but rather explored in terms of how these mind states limit our capacity to experience greater and more lasting happiness.

This practice is something I have newly begun to explore and Renunciation Meal is an opportunity to explore these ideas together in a supportive, non-judgmental and open-minded environment. Guests are not expected or required to participate in any specific fasting or renunciation practice in order to attend, rather this session is simply an open discussion and sharing of experiences around food, desire, greed and any other mind states which limit our ability to be free.