Qi Gong and Breakfast - with Taganyahu Swao

9.30am, Saturday January 9

Suggested donation $15/ $20 (all proceeds goes towards the Inner Fields New Year Fundraiser)

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice which combines physical postures with meditative breath work to cultivate the flow of qi or 'vital life force' through the body. It is often practiced in conjunction with various martial arts as a way to focus intention and calm the mind, but it is also a healing practice which increases vitality and stamina, reduces stress, and promotes positive introspection and inner strength. The slow gentle movements of Qi Gong can be easily adapted, even for the physically challenged, and can be practiced by all age groups and fitness levels.

Qi Gong is best performed early in the morning when Yang Qi is strongest, so Inner Fields will be inviting you to a Saturday morning breakfast and Qi Gong session with martial artist and acupuncturist, Taganyahu Swao. Trained in the lineage of Cheng Man Ching, Taganyahu teaches Yang Style Qi Gong & Taoist meditation.

This one hour Qi Gong session will be followed by a fresh vegetarian breakfast with gluten-free considerations.


*Image: Sunrise Qi Gong with Liu Quanjun of Tai Ji Circle

Inner Fields is located in a private studio in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. RSVP below to receive the address. Space is very limited so if you need to cancel, please email Elaine Su-Hui at innerfieldsnyc@gmail.com as there is sometimes a waiting list. Thank you for your consideration.

**THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL. Please fill out the form if you'd like to be added to the standby list.**