Past Experiences

THE US BETWEEN OUR THINGS. With artist JAMES LEONARD. A ritualized participatory experience exploring the isolation caused by consumerist culture, the vulnerabilities which can unite or divide us, and the wisdom of our ecological interdependence. Thursday October 12, 2017. 

ALONE, TOGETHER. With experimental art group, THE OTHER INSTRUMENT. A participatory music performance exploring relationships and communication, time and memory, the nuances of silence, and our common humanity. Sunday April 30, 2017.

REWILDING. A RETURN. With artist RACHEL FRANK. A philosophical, artistic and personal exploration of our ecological connection to the land, with a listening meditation based upon field recordings from the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Sunday April 23, 2017 (Earth Day Weekend).

SOUND AND THE GROUND OF BEING. With ethnomusicologist and sound researcher, ALEXANDRE TANNOUS. A lecture followed by a sound meditation. A discussion on the ability of sound to connect each of us to our own natural, innate wisdom, and the current prevalence of spiritual materialism which distorts this potential. Thursday March 9, 2017.

WHERE THE HEART BEATS. A Lunar New Year gathering celebrating the birthday of the next Buddha-to-be, Maitreya, the Buddha of Love, and exploring the idea of universal love with a Longevity Meal and ceremonial Gift Exchange. Saturday January 28, 2017.

THIS ETERNAL THREAD. With artist, CORINNE SPENCER. An immersive video installation with performance and participatory full moon ritual exploring the interior world, our shared humanity, and the interdependence of the universe. Wednesday December 14, 2016.

SABI: OBJECTS OF DECAY AND IMPERFECTION. With aesthete, Ché F.M. An exploration of the philosophy and aesthetics of wabi sabi with an installation of curated objects, guided drawing meditations, journaling and readings from 'In Praise of Shadows' by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki. Sunday November 13, 2016.

DREAMS, ALCHEMY AND JUNG. With DR GRACE HOSTAD from Pacifica Graduate Institute. An intimate talk and discussion around Jungian dream analysis, active imagination and archetypal symbolism. Sunday October 30, 2016.

THE ETERNAL WAY. With martial artist TAGANYAHU SWAO. Taoist Meditation, Qi Gong and Breakfast. Saturday October 22, 2016.

SPIRITS ON BOTH SIDES. With experimental musician ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO. A collective memorial space in honor of Hungry Ghost Month with Arringtonplaying the lalove - a rare ceremonial instrument from Central Sulawesi. Wednesday August 17, 2016.

ASA-CHA. With musician and composer, KENJI HERBERT. Summer morning tea ceremony with guided meditation, contemplative reading, and original compositions for tea ceremony written and performed on guitar by Kenji Herbert.  Saturday 23 July, 2016.

LISTENING MEDITATION. With chamber and orchestral musician MARA PLOTKIN. A one hour guided meditation incorporating improvised music and sounds played on clarinet, flute and saxophone. Thursday July 14, 2016.

MEDITATION ON A LOVE SUPREME. A benefit for the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church in SF. Jazz vespers with chanting and meditation on the music, words, wisdom and prayers of John Coltrane. With Church members, Megan Haungs and Toes Tiranoff. Sunday May 29, 2016

SOUND AND EMPTINESS: Experiences of silence in music and consciousness. An inquiry, discussion and music performance with sound artists/composers/Gagaku musicians, Hiroshi Ebina, Lish Lindsey and Chatori Shimizu. Sunday May 22, 2016

NATURAL FREQUENCIES. A sound meditation with flutes and saxophone played by multiple Grammy and Platinum-recording musician, Erik Lawrence. Thursday May 12, 2016

LIVING AYURVEDA. The science of mind, body and nature with Ayurvedic consultant, Regina of Wolf Medicine Magic. Tuesday March 29, 2016

HOW TO ENTER A DREAM. An overnight electro-acoustic sleeping concert with sound artists and musicians, Hiroshi Ebina, Cameron Perry Fraser, Zak Hap, Chung Eun Kim, Anqi Liu, Yusuke Narita and Chatori Shimizu. Sleeping/ Dreaming installation by Elaine Su-Hui. Saturday March 12 to Sunday March 13, 2016

TAOIST MEDITATION. Meditation incorporating qi gong, breath work, visualization and contemplation of non-duality, with acupuncturist and martial artist, Taganyahu Swao. Thursday March 3, 2016

IN THE SEED WE HAVE THE UNIVERSE. A philosophical figure drawing experience, with performances and poses by dancer Leah Mulartrick and immersive plant installation by Elaine Su-Hui. Saturday February 6, 2016

DAI'AN TEA ROOM. A Chinese tea ceremony with meditation and shakuhachi flute performance. With visual artist, Liu Beining. Saturday January 30, 2016

AMAZÔNIA SUBTERRÂNEA. Music and stories about the Amazon Rainforest with Brazilian composer, Thiago Thiago de Mello. Friday January 15, 2016

QI GONG AND BREAKFAST. Morning Yang-style qi gong session followed by breakfast. With martial artist and acupuncturist, Taganyahu Swao. Saturday January 9, 2016

THE HEROINE'S JOURNEY:  Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Destiny.  A presentation on female archetypes and the Heroine's Journey with Dr. Grace Hogstad from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Wednesday December 30, 2015

INFINITY KNOTS. Communal hand-crafting and gift-making session with community dinner. With artists, Alyssa Dennis and Andrew Benincasa. Thursday December 17, 2015

SOUND MEDITATION. A one hour seated meditation involving live instrumentation, breath work, vocal toning and overtone singing. With integrative sound therapist, Nathan Thomas Martinez. Wednesday December 9, 2015 and Tuesday November 1, 2015. 

ON LISTENING: Perspectives on Sound, Music and Noise. Inquiry and discussion with sound artist/composer, Chatori Shimizu, and sound anthropologist, Didier Sylvain. Saturday November 21, 2015

BEGINNERS TAI CHI. With martial artist, trainer and founder of the martial arts studio, The Laughing River, Dino Blanche. Sunday November 8, 2015

FENG SHUI FOR ARTISTS. An introduction to the practice and philosophy of Chinese metaphysics with a focus on artists' working and living environments. With feng shui master, Dr Li Lee. Sunday November 1, 2015

LOOSE LEAF. Tea ceremony with musician, Kenji Herbert. Sunday October 25, 2015

KUNDALINI MEDITATION. With movement specialist, Sufi healer and poet, Luz Emma Cañas. Friday October 23, 2015

SOUND BATH. A sonic experience with live instruments, 'bathing' you in sound frequencies known to induce alpha and theta states of deep relaxation and meditation. With integrative sound therapist, Nathan Thomas Martinez. Saturday October 17, 2015

SAHAJA MEDITATION. A Kundalini-based meditation incorporating candles, ice, salt and water. With performance and installation artist, Rea Chen. Friday September 25, 2015

SHIKI TO UNKAI.  A music performance of the traditional Japanese instrument, the shō, alongside sound installation and lecture on Gagaku. With sound artist/composer, Chatori Shimizu. Two performances: Saturday September 19 and Sunday September 20, 2015

TAI CHI AS MEDITATION. With Asian American Arts Alliance executive director, Robert Lee. Sunday September 13, 2015

OPENING CEREMONY. Sound meditation with integrative sound therapist and musician, Nathan Thomas Martinez. Followed by home-cooked community dinner. Saturday September 5, 2015