Looking for collaborators and participants to present, perform or offer unique experiences at Inner Fields for October and November gatherings. Please send expressions of interest by Friday 9th October to innerfieldsnyc@gmail.com. Inner Fields respects your work and time and provides small stipends for your participation.


Do you make art, music or create other expressions of culture which have a meditative, contemplative or nature-based framework in its approach, process, concept or presentation? Does your work resonate with themes of immateriality, processes of creation and decay, stillness, momentary phenomena, interdependence, or the nature of human experience and perception?

Inner Fields is looking for experiential creative work which reflects any of these themes to be presented within an intimate setting. Please send music or sound samples, or up to 5 images of your work (small JPGs at 72dpi), and include a brief statement about your interests and approach.


Do you have knowledge about ecology, biology or an aspect of nature which reflects themes of interdependence, reciprocity or selflessness?  Have you had experiences living off the land or living closely connected to the sea? Do you know about an aspect of biodiversity, botany or plant intelligence or alternative models of agriculture which are based on sustainable or holistic practices?

Inner Fields is looking for potential speakers to participate in panel discussions or give short talks or presentations about their fields of interest. Please send a message introducing yourself and a brief statement about your experiences. You can be self-taught or have trained expertise, it is your story and your knowledge that interests me.


Inner Fields is looking for teachers or practitioners who would like to lead small workshops, talks or demonstrations based on artistic practices which involve meditative processes or reflect themes of simplicity, impermanence, collaboration and chance. Paper and textile work and slow movement practices are encouraged. Write to me to discuss your practice to see what would work for the space.