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New works are released each month.

Watercolours are hand made with earth, mineral and plant pigments, many of which have storied ecologies and deep time histories. All new pigments are hand harvested and hand milled from ethical, small-scale, sustainable sources.

Although these are simply works on paper, it is through compassionate action and wise discernment that I hope their meaning finds a true home.


 Cloud Compass

Watercolor drawing painted with natural indigo, lapis lazuli, azurite and green earth pigments

36 x 36 inches

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Inner Earth Compass

Watercolor drawing painted with natural ochre pigments

36 x 36 inches


Bai Shao Yao (White Peony Medicine)

Linoleum block hand printed with a wooden spoon

Available as a block print, or painted with natural ochre, indigo and lapis lazuli

38 x 40 inches

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Inner Fields Studio aims to use minimal resources and create as little waste as possible. We constantly seek to improve our environmental practices. Thank you for supporting our efforts.