Natural Frequencies: A sound meditation with flutes and saxophone from musician, Erik Lawrence

7.30 - 9pm, Thursday May 12

$15-20 sliding scale

Flutes and saxophone are said to have a sound which closely embodies the human voice, therefore creating a remarkably responsive effect on the body, ear and skin. A highly developed tone from these instruments will create a vibration in a space which can change and relax musculature and even molecular structure in the listener, while also bringing about an emotional response and release. The use of breath, which is the core of any wind instrument, entrains and unifies the listeners into a natural vibration.

For Inner Fields, Erik will create a sonic environment utilizing natural sounds, flutes, saxophone, Tibetan singing bowls and Pythagorean tuning forks, to re-align people with the Fibonacci cycle of order, circadian rhythms, and the Golden Principle, which so many city dwellers become disconnected from. Through regulating breath and vibration and ‘tuning’ listeners through humming and toning in unison, this unique sound meditation offers an experience of reconnecting to nature and to each other.

Erik Lawrence is a multiple Grammy and Platinum recording Saxophonist, Flutist, Sound and Vibrational Healing Practitioner, Educator, Journalist, published Poet and Photographer. He has played, toured and recorded with countless music legends, including Levon Helm, Bob Dylan, Mavis Staples, Wilco, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Costello, Chico Hamilton, Sonny Sharrock, Tibetan flute master Nawang Khechog and Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. He considers many of them his mentors and healers. He became a certified sound and vibrational healer after studying with several masters, including John Beaulieu, Silvia Nakkach, and Pat Moffett Cook. This work is centered around tone and vibration, deep listening and empathic response. Drawing upon his expansive and award-winning work as a saxophonist and flutist, Erik has developed a unique form of sound meditation using the tone of these instruments to create protections and superchargers as forms of healing. He is currently a member of The Midnight Ramble Band (Levon Helm Band), Butler, Bernstein & The Hot 9 (with Henry Butler and Steven Bernstein) and The Levin Brothers (with Tony Levin and Pete Levin).