Listening Meditation with Mara Plotkin and Elaine Su-Hui

7 - 8pm, Thursday July 14

$10 suggested donation

This one hour guided listening meditation will use natural and improvised sounds from live instrumentation to explore the arising and ceasing of all phenomena in each present moment. Clarinet, flute and saxophone will be played by orchestral and chamber musician, Mara Plotkin. Meditation will be guided by Elaine Su-Hui. Participants will be invited to contribute to the soundscape by playing other resonant instruments and humming. This is not a music performance, this is an exploration of sound and the action of listening as an expression of unity, openness, connection, spaciousness, knowledge, and being.

Beginners to meditation encouraged to attend.

Mara Plotkin enjoys an active career as an orchestral, chamber, and studio recording musician throughout North America. From an early age she experienced meditation and chant at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland, California and has since been exposed to various types of meditation and chant thanks to her mother. She is a visiting clarinet professor and lecturer at University of Wyoming and University of the Pacific, and is currently in New York studying technique and improvisation on clarinet, saxophone, and flute through an Ontario Arts Council professional development grant. Mara extends gratitude to Inner Fields for this collaboration and the opportunity to explore how the act of improvising with sound and music is a manifestation of impermanence. Mara holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in clarinet performance from the University of Toronto.