Jovian Tapestry: Intuitive Drawing + Sacred Geometry

7- 9pm, Monday August 28 (NEW DATE!)

With Didier Sylvain and Elaine Su-Hui

$20/ $35/ $40 (sliding scale). Materials and wine provided.

The term ‘Sacred Geometry’ refers to the symbolic patterns created by geometric ratios and shapes found throughout the natural world and larger cosmos. These patterns and mathematical principles have been revered by various ancient cultures, often invoking meditation and spiritual practice and frequently found in temples and cathedrals. 'Jovian' refers to the Roman god Jupiter (or 'Jove') whose planetary symbolism speaks of wisdom and insight.

This workshop will involve a series of four guided drawing meditations based upon the crystal and mineral-like structure of the Platonic Solids, the interplay of circles, triangles and hexagons known as Metratron’s Cube, the mandala formation called the Flower of Life, and a collaborative drawing and concentration exercise based upon all three.

These guided drawing meditations will reflect principles of synchronicity, unity, harmony and interdependence, and will be offered alongside a musical soundscape created and curated by sound anthropologist Didier Sylvain. Absolutely no previous drawing (or meditation) experience necessary! This workshop is about intuitive pattern-making, with an emphasis on philosophy and process over the outcome. Materials and wine will be provided.

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