Infinity Knots: Communal Handcrafting with Dinner

7pm, Thursday 17 December

Suggested donation $15/ $20 (all proceeds go towards the Inner Fields New Year Fundraiser)

"Do all your work as though you had a thousand years to live; and as you would if you knew you must die tomorrow." - Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers

Facilitated by artists Alyssa Dennis and Andrew Benincasa, this gathering draws on traditions of communal handcrafting as a form of community bonding, and will encourage the making of holiday gifts from simple, ephemeral materials. Come empty-handed with an open, creative mind, or bring your own drawing, collage, paper cutting, wood whittling, beading, card-making, jewelry, knitting, crocheting or other handcrafted projects, and spend the evening in the company of other makers and creators of beautiful, thoughtful gifts.

A home-cooked vegetarian meal and various art supplies will be provided, with informal skill sharing, idea sharing, story sharing and live music encouraged. (Musicians, bring your instruments!) Alyssa will be bringing a selection of inspiring supplies to create small paper art works, and Andrew will be bringing his paper-cut luminaries made from votive candles and glass cylinders. Feel free to bring additional inspiring things to share. Children welcome. 

Alyssa Dennis is an artist and illustrator whose work explores architecture and constructed spaces as a biological system — one that changes and transforms, evolving to its highest rate of functionality. Her work reflects the social and environmental implications of the ever-transforming wax and wane between permanence and impermanence, while also making the invisible visible. She is represented by galleries in New York, Berlin and Boston.

Andrew Benincasa is a paper-cut artist and illustrator who uses this delicate medium to create animations, music videos, and write and perform shadow puppet shows. His recent music video for the band Darlingside was highly reviewed by NPR’s Bob Boilen and he just completed an art residency at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan. He is currently working on an illustration project with HarvardX.

*Image: Knitted rug by Elvira Curtis Hulett, Hancock Shaker Village, M.A., circa 1893




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