Baldessin Press Artist Residency

There is nothing that makes me happier than time and solitude in nature to work on a new piece.

In preparation for my upcoming Inner Fields project in Norway, I was granted 10 days in the Melbourne bush to work solidly on a new watercolor at the beautiful grounds of Baldessin Press. Unfortunately within a day of arriving I suffered a crippling injury to my shoulder and arm and found myself unable to work for the long hours I was hoping to. I pushed on as best as possible, painting early in the mornings while the pain was less, but forced to rest in the afternoons when pins and needles would take over. I’d go looking for kangaroos and Australian ochre in the ghostly eucalyptus forests, and then just try and rest my body, lying as still as possible. Flat on the floor for many evenings, I’d listen to the magpies and currawongs and I was not unhappy.

inner fields