People talk about happening. They say that art is headed towards that direction, that happening is assimilating the arts. I don't believe in collectivism of art nor in having only one direction in anything. I think it is nice to return to having many different arts, including happening, just as having many flowers. In fact, we could have more arts "smell", "weight", "taste", "cry", "anger", etc. People might say that we never experience things separately, they are always in fusion, and that is why "the happening", which is a fusion of all sensory perceptions. Yes I agree, but if that is so, it is all the more reason and challenge to create a sensory experience isolated from other sensory experiences, which is something rare in daily life. Art is not merely a duplication of life. To assimilate art in life, is different from art duplicating life.

~Yoko Ono

We can find peace and freedom in the face of the mystery of life. In awakening to this harmony, we discover a treasure hidden in each difficulty. Hidden in the inevitable impermanence and loss of life, its very instability, is the enormous power of creativity. In the process of change, there arises an abundance of new forms, new births, new possibliities, new expressions of art, music, and life-forms by the millions. It is only because everything is changing that such bountiful an boundless creativity exists.

-Jack Kornfield, from 'A Path with Heart'

The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful, the first question I ask, is why do I think it's not beautiful? And very shortly you discover that there is no reason.

If we can conquer that dislike, or begin to like what we did dislike, then the world is more open. That path, of increasing one's enjoyment of life, is the path I think we'd all best take. To use art not as self-expression but as self-alteration. To become more open.

~John Cage


I want to write of the light

but I do not know

whether words can illuminate

the way it hangs

upon branches and bird wings

and broken things

returning beings to beauty.

Can words spin substance

from sunshine and decay?

Can words cajole

celebration from night-weary


Can words warm surfaces

of stones and sorrows?

Can words reveal richness

in mundane

and battered


I do not know.

But if we would write

a tomorrow

which is wider than wounds

we have worn,

we might wield words

like benedictions

and remember


within brokenness,


within endings,

and beauty

within all things.

-Bernadette Miller

In Buddhism nothing is either good or bad. Or ugly or beautiful... Art should not be different from life but an action within life. Like all of life, with it's accidents and chances and variety and disorder and momentary beauty.

~John Cage