Feng Shui for Artists with Dr Li Lee

3-5pm, Sunday 1st November

Entry by donation (suggested $15)

Feng Shui is a practice and a philosophy grounded in Chinese Metaphysics which analyzes the flow of qi in living and working spaces, and aims to create a balanced and harmonious environment to improve work performance and quality of life. In Chinese, 'Feng' means 'wind' and Shui' means 'water' and the interaction between these two key elements and the flow of qi is considered the basis for creating both inner and outer harmony.

For Inner Fields, Feng Shui master Dr Li Lee will present an introduction to the basic concepts of Feng Shui and offer practical advice specifically oriented towards the working life of artists, musicians, designers and other creatives. Traditional Feng Shui script says "Qi is dispersed by wind and gathers at the boundary of water", and through these principles Dr Li will suggest ways to organize your work studio and living environment to improve prosperity, relationships, inspiration and a healthy creative process. 

Dr Li Lee is from Nanjing, China and graduated from Cornell University with a PhD in Biophysics. He gained Feng Shui knowledge from his family and has been a Feng Shui practitioner since 1999. Combining scientific knowledge and traditional techniques, Dr Li creates unique and modern Feng Shui theories and methodologies to suit individuals, families and businesses.

*Photo: Fia Cielen's studio by Eefje De Coninck