Dai'an Tea Room: Chinese Tea Ceremony and Meditation with Liu Beining

4pm, Saturday January 30

Suggested donation $15/ $20 (all proceeds go towards the Inner Fields New Year Fundraiser)

Limited to 6 people.

Dai'an Tea Room is the artist's tea room, a personal, humble and aesthetic space where friends are invited to share in the ritual of Chinese tea. Dai'an in Chinese translates to 'a loaned hut', and Inner Fields welcomes you to this simple and informal setting for a Chinese tea ceremony with artist Liu Beining. Chinese tea ceremony is about harmony and balance. It is a calming and meditative ritual which appreciates the moment-by-moment delicate and subtle details of each small cup of tea, while also celebrating the humble spirit of the everyday. This session will begin with a 20 minute meditation and then Liu will serve two kinds of oolong tea from Wuyi mountain, one fresh and lightly baked, the other well baked and aged. He will also play a piece of shakuhachi (bamboo flute) music. Savory and sweet snacks will be provided.

Liu Beining is a visual artist from China who works with drawing, photography and ink painting. Using both enigmatic and elemental imagery, his poetic works reference the interplay between the characters, language and symbols used to understand or describe interpretations of the universal within the everyday. www.liubn.com