Inner Fields is an art project which cannot be bought or kept. It’s about creating unique, artistic experiences which cultivate stillness and presence of mind, and which emphasize our inseparable, ecological relationship to each other and our environment.

For the past two years I have been opening my apartment to the community to host gatherings which explore Buddhist practices and philosophy through art, music, ritual and ecology. Gatherings are small, intimate and cell phone-free, and are often presented in collaboration with a diverse selection of artists, musicians, environmentalists and teachers. Gatherings are rarely photographed or documented in keeping with the philosophy of a truly ephemeral art project.

Through each session, Inner Fields aims to cultivate meaningful insights through direct experience and true community connection, and hopes to provide a counterpoint to the hyperactivity and materialistic economies of New York life.

Inner Fields privileges diversity at all gatherings and considers people from all orientations and backgrounds to be part of its community. To be invited to upcoming sessions, add your name to the Mailing List or join the group on Facebook. For reflections and stories, follow @innerfields_nyc on Instagram.


OCTOBER 12, 2017 will mark the final gathering at the Inner Fields studio in Prospect Heights. But this is not the end. If anything, this is a new beginning. Celebrating the truth of change and impermanence, Inner Fields will now become a roaming events project showing up in various, unique sites around the world - including meditation spaces, brownstones, beach bungalows, rooftops and other secret outdoor locations throughout New York, California, Australia and beyond. In this way Inner Fields will be able to reach a broader spectrum of the international community, and will simply exist wherever there are people gathered together to create it.

Thank you to everyone who has graced my apartment with their presence, generosity and warmth over these past two years. It has given my home a beautiful energy which has been nourishing and inspiring in countless ways. I look forward to sharing Inner Fields with more of you, in all the new places we end up.

Much love always, Elaine Su-Hui

Artist and Founder


Featured Press:

New York Times: 'A Nature-Inspired Drawing Event - with a Dance Twist' by Ashley Hoffman, Feb. 8, 2016